Born and raised in England, Sherie moved to the US some 25 years ago, and is now at home in rural New Hampshire. She is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association (NHAA) and has received awards from The Nature Conservancy, the Plymouth Center for the Arts, the Photographic Society of America, and NHAA. She is a strong supporter of The Nature Conservancy, an international charitable environmental organization, and donates a portion of sales to the organization.


My creative process goes hand in hand with the deep affection I feel for the natural world around me. I am drawn to the elegance of the ordinary, the innocence and wisdom of an animal, the light of a scene. While photography has been in my life for some time, over the past couple of years I have been slowly transitioning to watercolors. The shift has been precipitated by many factors, including my wish to express how I see and feel nature, to use a purer medium, and to experiment with color.